WooHoo! – 2nd Audiobook going up today! Desert Town Angels (part 1)

Two-thirds of New Year’s Goal achieved – in JANUARY

Get 3 Audiobooks produced in 2023!


Just finished production on my second Audiobook in addition to “Poison Reign” (contact me for a free Spotify code)

“Desert Town Angels” part 1 goes up today – check back here for a free code!


Audiobook! Poison Reign! Free Spotify Code!

Yes, that is a lot of exclamation points, but it’s my first Audiobook!!!

Poison Reign.

Here is the Spotify link, but it should be coming to other audiobook sites soon.


Here is one free link – to whoever gets it first! But I have others … just email me!


Happy Thanksgiving 2022

Wow – I was just informed I haven’t blogged since before the pandemic!

One would think that would be all that I had been doing – but I got busy with other book projects.

After two-and-a-half years dodging the virus – I got COVID and recovered.

I turned a new chapter.

So, here I am at Thanksgiving – posting again.

Once again, I will read some Christmas Carol.

I have started an illustrated book – and hope to have it out in the New Year!

Hope all is well with you …

Happy New Year: First Resolutions Achieved

Happy New Year

Actually, they were ongoing resolutions like to read A Christmas Carol and have figgy pudding.

So off I went to the internet and my local World Market. I found Christmas pudding, which when you type in figgy pudding this pops up, so I decided this was the closest I would get. It was not a pudding as we in the U.S. know it, which I learned, but like a mincemeat pie in fruitcake form. I like mincemeat pie, I like fruitcake (some of them) but not this hard cake.

Since figgy pudding and Christmas Pudding may be different, I now cannot formulate an opinion until I get figgy pudding from the source – I will have to go to Europe. Darn.

For Christmas I got a copy of the manuscript version of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol!

I couldn’t get over the first two sentences and I was in pure ecstasy. A comma out of place and other strange punctuation. This was how the writer originally turned it in.

It was glorious seeing all the photocopies of his original manuscript. I will read the entire book at some point, but as a writer, this version was so unexpectedly exciting.

Most people think when a book is published that it is exactly how it came from the author, that it was perfect and that the author was done with it once it was published.

Not so. I love seeing the editor marks on some of the most beloved and famous authors, how to them the story has this problem or that and they don’t ever consider it final. (Star Wars fans will understand this dilemma when the creator decides to go back and get to reconstruct what they wanted to do all along. Turns out that genius is not in what you wanted to create, but what was created and embraced by others as perfect.) The audience, the readers, they don’t know anything but what is on the paper and not what is in the author’s mind. The story never ceases for the author, otherwise there wouldn’t be sequels.

Those were my almost-resolved ongoing resolutions.

Good luck with your this New Year 2019





Dickens and Self-Publishing

A note of inspiration for self-published authors:

I just saw “The Man Who Invented Christmas” on a streaming service.

Coming off the success of Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens had three flops and his publishers were not happy. Unwilling to produce what they wanted, in six weeks he wrote, commissioned art for, and set up distribution and marketing for his Christmas Carol book.

Of course, he was an established author of a best-seller, but it’s interesting that he produced that all himself, or at least that’s what this movie shows. That was what fascinated me the most. This classic story was a passion project. It could have been another flop and crushed his creativity forever. But for those of us with a story in our head, you don’t just stop, you can’t stop, just because of failure.

I am going to pick up a copy of A Christmas Carol and read it. I just realized I might never have actually read this classic, or maybe I have, it’s just such a part of Christmas that you don’t realize there was a time when this story epitomizing the season for everyone didn’t exist.

Happy Holidays To All


2018 Happy Holidays & Obooko.com

Happy Holidays!

If you haven’t had the opportunity yet, check out my contribution to the Obooko.com blog post “Why do authors give away free books?”

Been binging Hallmark Christmas movies. I would love to believe in Christmas miracles, but I tend to slant toward the more cynical side of life. Would really love to write a Christmas book, but afraid it would be sort of depressing. It’s not that I am depressed or lonely, I have many people I love in my life so I am never lonely, but I always seem to focus on the post-Christmas season, the time in life after all the wonder has faded.

Since I have three channels streaming Christmas movies almost 24-hours a day, in addition to three streaming services with even more obscure choices including those Krampas movies that are creepy well done, I will try to think about my motives and Christmas wishes while drinking hot cocoa and claiming it was eminent domain that decimated my gingerbread house community.

Side note: Binging on the Game of Thrones has been a good palate cleanser, but I needed that extra dose of sweet movies after … if you’ve seen it you will know what I am talking about. No, a character named Jon Snow has nothing to do with Christmas or the winter holidays, and ‘winter’s coming’ is not a holiday season tagline.

Kudos to Cost Plus World Market for saving me a trip to England to find out what the heck figgy pudding tastes like, or will taste like, on Christmas. They had European holiday treats like Christmas Pudding that may be a replacement for those who can’t get official figgy pudding or too cheap to pay the exorbitant online prices. I also got fruitcake from the UK. I love this stuff, but only once a year because it takes me that long to forget what it does to my stomach before I start to crave it again.

If your holiday joy is finding the presents before they’re put under the tree, check out Obooko.com because I have three free books posted on their website.

I wish everyone the happiest of holidays and the safest and most prosperous New Year!