Why some ebooks are free

It was a very Merry Christmas 2011. I got a Ninja blender to make non-dairy, sugar-free, Gluten-free treats, but that’s for another blog. Food allergies suck.

Now on to the New Year!

Many of you lucky readers out there received ebook readers. You may have also noticed the variety of books available and the wide range of prices.

You may have noticed many books categorized as “free” and may be confused just as I was why a perfectly good novel was “free.”

I have always been a voracious reader devouring novels by my favorite authors and veering off to new writers by word of mouth positive reviews and reading loaned books.

I know it’s hard for a new writer to find a spot among the best of the best.

Ebook publishing is a new way for writers, published and unpublished, to present their books to the world.

It has always been a goal of mine to write a novel, but I have no experience in the book publishing world. I have more than a decade’s worth of experience writing news and feature articles for newspapers and magazines, but no experience with book publishing.

So, this year I got inspired (and I had some time off) and I embarked on a life-long passion, which took me on a journey into the world of ebook publishing.

How does an unknown author like me get people to read a debut novel, “Love Again, Love For Them,” one of four I have to roll out in the upcoming year?

Give it away. For free.

When I first saw the free novels offered, I thought the quality would be poor, but I was surprised by the professional products I downloaded.

After submitting a query of my first completed novel to a publisher, I decided to self-publish my second. I never heard from a publisher, but online support was great for the one I self-published.

You have no idea how incredible it was the day I got my first review ever on Smashwords.com. It gave me the impetus to finish my last novel.

Reviews are essential not only to get feedback, but to elevate a fledgling writer like myself.

Sure, I can’t live off writing, but it’s rewarding to have a place to showcase my creative outlet. I try to produce the highest quality product as do all the other self-published novelists out there.

Read. Enjoy. Review. If you like what you read, please support the writer’s other works and tell a friend.

Free most likely means you’re one of the first to discover the next great best-seller.

But then again, I’m just an unknown writer with big dreams. Maybe in my spare time I’ll use that as my next storyline.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!



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