2012 – The World is Always Ending

Happy New Year!

I hope it’s not the last for the world!

This year, if you’re worried about the 2012 prophecy, no need for resolutions!

For those of you who haven’t heard about the 2012 Mayan calender, I will try to explain the theories based on my knowledge gained from the internet (I love how people want to sell survival gear for the END OF THE WORLD) and the documentaries I just can’t turn away from when they come on.

civilizations run in cycles and 2012 marks the end of a cycle;

there is a hidden planet or comet coming at us but are hidden by the sun and either one is heading for us;

it’s time to pick up a new 25,000 year cycle calendar.

I know that we won’t know the time and hour the world is coming to an end, but in the last two years, the economic collapse slowly crumbling the western world gave me pause.

I think being reminded we won’t be here forever is sobering. The world is always ending. Imagine the feeling of impending doom people felt in both World Wars and during the Cold War. People felt comfort in the whole duck and cover in the face of a mushroom cloud.

It was partially the impetus for me to actually write a novel. Now I have three on Smashwords. I have met a lifelong goal. Not just because of 2012, but because there were moments when I realized everyday is a blessing.

I think the best way to think about the Mayan theories came from The Love of My Life:

Maybe the Mayans ran out of ink.

Raise your glasses to poor office management!

Also, if you’re interested, visit Smashwords.com

Love Again, Love for Them – free
The Fountain of Truth
The Beauty at the Bus Stop

Here’s hoping to see 2013, for many reasons.

R.A. Lee


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