My Trilogy

Today I start on my trilogy.

Of course I have not written a word as of yet. But that’s not how the writing process works.

Actually, most of the writing process is staring into the sky and patiently watching as the story unfolds in my head.

But from where does the seed of an idea blow in? Truthfully, all my ideas come from my dreams. The dreams I have just before I wake up. Those dreams where you forget who you really are and the characters embed themselves and their lives in your mind as you slowly realize you have to get out of bed and live your real life. Staring at the sky thinking about your dream life.

Once again I have that luxury. To sit and stare.

Today I start on my trilogy. Today I sit in my faux-leather rocking office chair and look into the sky as my dream characters go on with their lives.

The only thing that keeps me inspired is the support from my readers. The encouragement that my stories have in some way given a reader some level of enjoyment.

I am anxiously awaiting the day my two other novels get critiqued. “The Beauty at the Bus Stop” and “The Fountain of Truth.”

But until then, I will continue writing, hoping others will keep reading.

Today I start on my trilogy. Tomorrow I may actually start writing the darn thing.


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