Desert Town Angels Part Two eBook NOW AVAILABLE on Smashwords and Amazon

Dear Readers,

 It’s finally here!

 Desert Town Angels


“The Kin of Ms. Honey Hallowell”


The will of Howard Thornbon has been read and the kin of Ms. Honey Hallowell, a woman named Van, has taken over the town of Golden Peaks. Time is ticking. Howard has stipulated Van must remain in the town thirty days before taking full ownership, otherwise the property reverts to his daughter, who will do everything in her power to take back her birthright. Thirty days to decide the fate of Golden Peaks. Thirty days to learn why Howard left Golden Peaks to the kin of Ms. Honey Hallowell.

The rollout begins on Smashwords and Amazon Kindle!

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I hope you enjoy!

COMING SOON! In December!

Desert Town Angels PART THREE

“The Final Showdown in Golden Peaks”


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