Desert Town Angels Part Three eBook NOW AVAILABLE on Smashwords and Amazon

Dear Readers,

 It’s finally here!

 Desert Town Angels PART THREE

“The Final Showdown in Golden Peaks”

ImageThe secrets have been revealed. With the fate of Golden Peaks no longer in limbo, Van and Ryan are free to engage in their own pursuits beyond the desert town. As more strangers reveal the ongoing saga involving the residents of Golden Peaks, Van has learned to adapt to everything about her new life except her feelings for Ryan. As she accepts new life challenges, Van prepares for one last showdown with Sheri, but it may be something under the soil that will decide Van’s future in Golden Peaks.

 The rollout begins on Smashwords and Amazon Kindle!

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 I hope you enjoy!

 Your feedback would be appreciated!

 Merry Christmas! Season’s Greetings! Happy Hanukkah!

 R. A. Lee


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