Happy Valentine’s Day

FINAL Novella ValentineHappy Valentine’s Day

Looking for something romantic to read?

I love romance novels and sappy love stories. Before I met the LOML, I was always wondering if the next person I saw was going to be The One.

What are some of my characters up to on Valentine’s Day?

From time to time I re-read my novels and (except for the missed editing errors which I correct and upload) I fall in love with the story all over again. (Yes, I love my own stories. If they weren’t interesting to me, I would never have written them!)

I remember the moment Evan and Ashley finally made a decision about their relationship one Valentine’s Day in “The Beauty at the Bus Stop.”

I relive the moment Faith stumbles into love on one whirlwind trip to Sin City in “My Vegas Valentine.”

This Valentine’s Day, always remember that romantic stories aren’t just fantasy, but tales of people who finally found one another. Sometimes we look too hard or expect the heavens to announce we have found The One.

The One is that person who is special to you. There is no definition, but in your heart, you know when that love has been defined.

Happy Valentine’s Day

R. A. Lee


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