‘Writer’s Avalanche’ in August

Hi readers,

It’s the end of August and I had a plan to write three more novels or novellas by the end of the year. I wanted one of them to be a Christmas themed story. I haven’t had Writer’s Block since I sat down to my computer and wrote my first three novels in 2011. Ideas have never been my problem.

Every writer approaches the blank page differently. I dream in prose, but in the light of day the words evaporate and I must scramble to put them on the page before the insight vanishes.

The problem is I have at least three stories playing in my head right now.

I have put the outlines on paper for two of them, but I can’t focus. I have written eight stories up to this point and I know I can do many more, but …

There’s a story about a couple who get twisted in a UFO conspiracy competing for space in my brain with a woman who finds herself spending Christmas with the boss’s family in Vegas while another couple embarks on a mission across the solar system. In the background of all this commotion, a young woman is taking shape and her story will be my masterwork.

My masterwork. I can only compare myself to me and not to any other writer. I set goals but my characters aren’t going to come into focus because I want to meet my self-imposed quotas. This year I completed one work. Maybe next year I will complete three. Maybe next year I only complete my masterwork. Maybe …

It is late August. The air is thick with the threat of thunderstorms, the distant bum-bum-bum of the rumbling drums. I had hoped to complete at least one more work this year, but I know it will not happen. I only hope that you the reader understand, that you find my stories compelling enough to come back … when the avalanche clears.

R. A. Lee


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