A New Year – The Journey Continues

Happy New Year!

A New Year is here and I look back on my goals and what I actually achieved.

I know where I want to be, it’s just that there is no clear path leading the way.

Every day I hack away at the weeds of monotony as I try to focus on my goal, just a hazy outline in the distance.

Then, the LOML reminds me, when I think this journey is never-ending, that I should look around and enjoy the trip.

In my spare time, before the first book was released, I decided to finally head toward that far off dream to one day be able to make enough from my books to start writing part-time. First ideas. Then researching. Then writing. Then researching how to publish. Then deciding to self-publish. Then figuring out how to produce ebooks. Producing 8 ebooks.

During this time, and still, I am working a paying job, taking time off here and there to write and publish.

At the end of last year, I sat down in the middle of the path, not doing anything toward my progress, complaining that it was going to take forever to reach my goal. The LOML stood, looked around and accessed the landscape.

I had turned my hobby into a skill, one that my employer found very useful.

This little rest stop wasn’t delaying my progress, only reminding me that it’s the journey that’s important, picking up little souvenirs along the way, adding another pin to the map.

I’m still looking off in the distance, with my co-navigator by my side helping me forge the path, but if we don’t actually get to where we’re headed … well, we’re still on the journey so let’s see where it takes us this year.

R.A. Lee


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