Happy Valentine’s Day – Early

Dear Readers,

Living in the Western part of the United States, I spend a lot of time in CalNevAri (California Nevada Arizona). The Arizona trips are usually for Powerball tickets, but nonetheless, I love the desert towns.

Recently, a friend of mine was considering a Vegas wedding. Sadly, things changed, but that got me thinking about the other Vegas weddings to which I have been.

There are many MANY chapels on Las Vegas Boulevard. Some are so cute, like little churches from a fairytale. Some are in casinos. Others are in nondescript buildings downtown.

The only thing I can say is that I have been surprised at how romantic these weddings can be.

When I walked into this downtown square building I thought the wedding was going to be a depressing warehouse wedding.

This place was set up to look like the couple ran away to an Old Italian church. The reception was in a very small space but it looked exactly like a ballroom reception. From the pictures, you couldn’t tell the couple got married in a downtown Vegas building.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I was inspired to write a story about a couple who fall in love in Las Vegas.

Please look for “My Vegas Valentine” A Novella By R. A. Lee (Smashwords, Amazon, and where eBooks are sold).

It’s the type of romance I enjoy and I hope you enjoy as well.


My Vegas Valentine

There is a code between sisters: Thou shall not be intimate with a guy your sister dumps, not without her permission. Faith lives in the shadow of her more glamorous twin, but on a trip to Vegas she bumps into a man she takes for her sister’s ex-lover and debates breaking that code when she inadvertently spends Valentine’s Day with him after dumping her cheating boyfriend.


R. A. Lee