Please Help – My Trilogy (or series) Needs Character Name


I have just completed the first draft of my TRILOGY (actually, it’s more like a series but if I call it a trilogy I met my goal).

The only problem is, I cannot decide on a name for the nemesis.

Here is the synopsis of Book One of my Desert Series:

“The Last Will and Testament of Howard Thornbon”

(The patriarch of Golden Peaks is dead. The fate of the desert town is in jeopardy as the residents fear Howard Thornbon’s daughter will sell the dying town and displace them. But when the Last Will and Testament of Howard Thornbon is read, everyone is distressed when a stranger is announced as the person chosen to carry out his final wishes. Howard’s caretaker Ryan has to keep Howard’s daughter and the stranger from destroying the town and each other.)

The daughter of Howard Thornbon is a spoiled daddy’s girl not too happy he didn’t leave her Golden Peaks, although he left her everything else making her a very wealthy woman.

What is her name?

I do not know.

If anyone has any ideas let me know!

I am open to ideas.

Examples of names I have used.
Love Again, Love for Them – Brooke
Beauty at the Bus Stop – Ashley and Maura (Maria Laura)
The Fountain of Truth – Cherish

Now it’s off to the proofing goddess!


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